Pacaso Unveils Home Design Trends Hitting Interiors This Fall Season - Aug 16, 2022
Pacaso Unveils Home Design Trends Hitting Interiors This Fall Season

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacaso, the leading technology-enabled real estate marketplace that helps people buy and co-own a luxury second home, today unveils forecasted trends to be seen throughout home interiors this fall. Setting the standard in second home design, Pacaso is committed to creating luxurious spaces that compliment each home's unique style and location, while providing owners with functional and welcoming interiors.

"Living spaces need to be inviting and warm, while also tastefully incorporating vibrant decor, locally-inspired elements and furnishings that meet the specific needs of those who inhabit the spaces," says Pacaso Director of Interior Design Lynne Tocchet. "Thoughtful designs using subdued autumn colors to create tranquil surroundings, and vintage pieces from decades past to evoke interest and personality, are amongst the trends we see emerging this fall."

With in-home essentials, a wide-variety of functional features, and inviting living spaces, each Pacaso home is Design Certified to facilitate memorable family moments without any hassle. From expert interior design to ongoing management, dedicated local support, and equitable, app-based scheduling, Pacaso makes second home ownership simple and turnkey.

Identified by Pacaso's internal team of design experts, this fall's forthcoming trends are as follows:

Soft Hues

Softer hues of color are making a gentle entrance this fall. Gone are the days of amber, burnt orange or shades of crimson defining autumn, as we expect to see pastel versions of green, blue, and lilac are emerging as the front runners for fall 2022. Driven by the need for peacefulness and the want for more color, we are seeing more interiors looking to strike a fine balance this season.

Vintage Flair

The usage of vintage decor, accents and furnishings are a vibrant trend that is continuing to gain traction. Vintage pieces are satisfying the craving we have to give personality to our spaces and interest to our surroundings. Whether driven by revisiting a memory or just a passion for something unique, this trend is a fresh and welcomed change. Note: every individual has their own decade to consider "vintage."

Texture and Dimension

Texture and movement throughout a room is no longer reserved just for fabric patterns or rugs. This fall we are looking for anything but a vanilla box as interiors invite more experimentation. Unconventional elements expected to appear include the likes of dimensional wood on a wall or ceiling, textured wallpaper as an accent somewhere unexpected, and accessory pillows that don't traditionally match to create a sense of depth in a space.

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