Pacaso Wins Platinum in the 2021 TITAN Property Awards - Nov 30, 2021
Pacaso Wins Platinum in the 2021 TITAN Property Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacaso, the leading real estate platform that helps people buy and co-own a luxury second home, today announced that the company has been named a Platinum Real Estate award winner in the 2021 TITAN Property Awards and named a Rising Star.

Founded in October 2020, Pacaso became the fastest U.S. company to reach Unicorn status in March 2021 and has received over $200 million in funding to date. Pacaso modernizes the decades-old practice of co-ownership by creating a platform that streamlines the process of buying, owning, and selling a luxury second home. Pacaso's remote-first workforce of more than 128 employees now spans 25 states and six countries. As Pacaso continues to expand into new U.S. markets as well as internationally, the company is focused on growing its team of passionate individuals to keep up with the high demand of second-home ownership in both domestic and international locations. To learn more about career opportunities please visit:

"We are thrilled to achieve the TITAN Platinum Real Estate award and be named a Rising Star," said Austin Allison, CEO, and co-founder of Pacaso. "Pacaso is providing consumers with a more sustainable way to own a second home in today's market. With Pacaso, second homes don't sit empty, and our model actually helps create new inventory through co-ownership of luxury homes. Being named a TITAN award winner and real estate rising star reiterates our mission to modernize second home ownership all while making it more accessible to a more diverse group of people."

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About Pacaso
Pacaso® (pronounced like "Picasso") modernizes the decades-old practice of co-ownership by creating a marketplace that makes buying, owning, and selling a luxury second home easy. From curating the best listings in top second-home markets to offering integrated financing and sales from as little as ⅛ to as much as ½ ownership; upscale interior design; and professional property management, Pacaso provides owners with all the benefits of owning a second home with less hassle. After purchase, Pacaso manages the home on an ongoing basis and supports a frictionless resale process in partnership with a licensed real estate professional.

Pacaso was co-founded by former Zillow executives Austin Allison and Spencer Rascoff.



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